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Building products: it's all about the people

What’s the one thing you hear over and over again when colleagues talk about the building products sector? It’s ‘all about the people’… ‘it’s a people industry’… and that’s absolutely true.

It may sound like a cliché, but the building products sector is absolutely all about its people. From my experience, when people first enter this industry they either leave within 12-18 months because it’s not for them, or they stay for 30+ years.

I know people who have met their spouses through the industry, who have made lifelong friends among those they have met through their work, and who have even asked industry friends to become godparents to their children.

The joy of working within building products is the people that we meet and work with along the way – and that strength extends to filling our companies with great people who are experts in their field, and in building the relationships that our businesses all thrive on. People buy from people, right?

That’s why when you have a vacancy in your business, finding the right person to fill it is among the most important decision you could make – and that’s whether you’re looking for a new CFO, or a new driver to deliver your products. After all, the delivery drivers who keep our products moving around the UK are probably the people our customers meet most often, making them among the most important salespeople we have. Finding the people who will be selling to your customers, and ensuring that you maintain the very highest standards of customer service, should be given at least as much expert attention as anything else in your business.

So whatever role your business is looking to fill, make sure you find the right person by working with a headhunting agency who really understands the building products sector. At SOS, our team have decades of personal experience working in the industry. We understand what makes it tick, we know how it works and we know the type of people who will succeed and thrive in your business; probably because we’ve worked with you in the past, whether as part of SOS or in our own previous careers.

If you’d like to know more about our extensive database of building industry contacts, or how we work in partnership with all our clients to craft recruitment adverts that will attract the very best candidates, visit or call 07815 009 524.

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Sean O'Sullivan

As the Managing Director of SOS Executive Search, I established the company after holding many senior positions in multi-national companies within the Building Products market. My expert market knowledge and an acute awareness of client needs means I know the importance of placing the best candidates in roles and providing efficient solutions for clients.

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