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Is your workplace gender diverse?

Gender equality is often in the headlines these days, and particularly in the construction industry; a traditionally male-dominated area that is getting better, but is still not as diverse as it could be.

Modern businesses understand they should offer equal opportunities for all employees, and that a more diverse workforce will bring with it benefits for the whole organisation.

Improving gender diversity in the workplace means welcoming to your team employees with many different skills and experiences. This can only be beneficial, as it gives you the widest possible network of knowledge, life experiences and histories with which to grow and develop your company’s goals, as well as generally creating a healthier and more productive workforce.

In fact, did you know that companies with the highest level of gender diversity had a 15% lower turnover rate for female employees, and a 25% lower turnover rate for male employees, according to a study by McKinsey.

And, as the current workforce ages and companies look to hire Generation Z and younger employees, reports suggest that almost one-third will actively prioritise companies who promote diversity and inclusion.

Knowing that you need to make your company gender diverse is one thing, but do you know how to go about doing that? Do you understand all the nuances and details that should be involved?

For example, how do you make your recruitment adverts more appealing to women? Do you understand how to make your company culture diverse and offer equal opportunities to all genders once people have joined? If not, you risk your business’ culture turning negative at best and, at worst, you could be at risk of falling foul of the Equality Act 2010 if found to be breaching your legal obligations.

That’s where we come in. Our experts at SOS Executive Search can help you make sure your job applications are clear, using gender-neutral language, and suggest any changes that might be required to ensure your company benefits also support equality. We’ll also work with you to identify any risk areas, and make sure that your recruitment process also actively encourages equality and inclusivity in all its forms.

If you’d like to find out more, call us on 07815 009 524.

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