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Take the industry's pulse at great events

There’s nothing quite like spending a few days out in the industry to really get a snapshot of how the sector is performing.

You can read all the market reports out there, and follow all the sales statistics, but if you want to really take the pulse of the industry from the people at its heart, you really need to take the time to get out and meet them face to face.

That’s why we felt it was so important to travel down to Clerkenwell Design Week in London. As exhibitions go it really is quite unique in the KBB sector - more a movement than a trade show, it spreads across a vast section of London’s design and architecture space, engulfing all of Clerkenwell and bringing an almost festival-like feel to the area.

On the days we visited, when the sun was shining and everyone we spoke to was in a positive mood, we really got the sense that the future (and the streets) looked bright for the months ahead.

Instead of concerns over the lingering economic uncertainty, and nervousness for the high interest rates and low consumer confidence we currently face, the companies exhibiting at Clerkenwell were excited about their latest product launches, and the post-Covid excitement at being able to get out and actually meet people still seems strong.

That’s why the SOS team decided to attend Clerkenwell en masse, to get a taste of just how vibrant and fast paced the KBB sector currently is. 

I was particularly impressed by the striking new designs on show. Whether we were in a bathroom, kitchen or general design showroom, everyone was keen to display their latest creations, and at all price points we saw some beautiful products that we know people will be keen to welcome into their homes and businesses.

With such an exciting time ahead, businesses need the best team around them to make the most of the opportunities that exist across the sector. And, if you’ve been considering making a career move, the KBB design market is a great and inspiring place to work.

If you’d like to see what job prospects are out there, check out our website to see the latest vacancies, or contact us and we’ll help you find your next career move. And, if you, like many we spoke to at Clerkenwell, are looking to expand your team, why not contact us on 07815 009 524 to see how we can help?

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As the Managing Director of SOS Executive Search, I established the company after holding many senior positions in multi-national companies within the Building Products market. My expert market knowledge and an acute awareness of client needs means I know the importance of placing the best candidates in roles and providing efficient solutions for clients.

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